The ODBO PRODUCTS price range;

1) ODBO WrinkleTox Serum (box of 4’s) @ SGD120.00 per box
2) ODBO Eye Cream @ SGD52.00 each
3) ODBO Aqual Soothing Silky Essence @ SGD47.00 each
4) ODBO Peeling gel @ SGD47.00 each
5) ODBO Ginseng Face Mask (box of 10’s) @ SGD47.00 per box
6) ODBO Collagen Hydra-mask @ SGD2.00/pc
7) ODBO Sleeping Pack @ SGD45.00 each
8) ODBO Sun Block Pack 50+ PA @ SGD45.00 each
9) ODBO Protection BB Cream @ SGD45.00 each
10) ODBO O2 Bubble Cleanser (makeup removal) @ SGD45.00 each

1. Non-refundable
2. Non-ex-changeable
3. No bargaining
4. Payment must be transferred to us within (3) days

1. POSB/DBS bank transfer
2. CASH for local Collect-on-Delivery (City Center MRT stations at seller's convenience only)

POSTAGE: SGD $2.00 each item for domestic standard only
Local pickup or registered mail is recommended; we will not be responsible for lost/damaged item in postal transit.

The Odbo Products from Korea

To order, please send your product description & quantity to

We can supply you the full range of The Odbo skincare & cosmetic products as follows;

1) ODBO WrinkleTox Serum

2) ODBO Aqual Soothing Silky Essence

3) ODBO Sleeping Pack

4) ODBO Sun Block Pack SPF50+ PA+++

5) ODBO Protection BB Cream

If you are looking for any other Korean skin care products or brands that were not displayed and mentioned above? Feel free to let us know as we can order it for you

Thank you

Made in KOREA